PCfixr is the leader in remote computer repair and Tech support by expert technicians in Ottawa, ON. No waiting for days, No Commitments, No Payment Up Front.

Our computer tuneup services is one of our most popular online pc support services at PCfixr. Over time your PC will start to run slower as you install more and more software over the years. The best way to restore your PC speed is to have a manual tune up where we remove your junk programs, optimize your start up items and clean out unneeded files on your hard drive. We also teach you how to maintain your computer moving forward to so problems do not reoccur on a regular basis.

Peripheral devices are the countless devices you can attach to your computer. This includes printers, USB devices, cameras and others. While these peripheral devices are meant to be plug and play that is not always the case. Sometimes, a device will require a little finesse to get it properly functioning with your computer. We can get your device working properly so you don’t waste your valuable time fixing the PC problem yourself.

Computer viruses are a reality for consumers even if you have purchased a reputable anti-virus program like Symantec or McAfee. Because viruses and malware are more sophisticated they can bypass many anti-virus products today. Our virus clean up is done remotely by our experts and we don’t just sell you more junk software that claims to remove your virus. At PCfixr we have no software to sell, just great computer repair service.

At PCfixr we specialize in virus and trojan removal with our virus removal service instead of selling you generic software that does not always remove your malware infection. Nowadays, viruses are much more advanced making them difficult to detect by even the best anti-virus programs like Symantec and McAfee. Amazingly, 95% of our callers have an up to date reputable anti-virus program, but today’s malware can easily bypass your anti-virus product and infect your computer, causing data loss, or even identity theft. PCfixr's technical experts can connect to your computer remotely and manually remove your virus. 

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